Yoga Therapy for Osteoporosis
Self-Paced Course

Yoga Therapy for Osteoporosis Course is full of information to learn about the importance and value of Yoga Therapy for bone health and give you the tools you need to take charge of your body, bones and balance.

There is a guided strong and safe practice to practice daily that has proven an increase in bone density. The practice focuses on the most precarious areas of your body if you have osteopenia or osteoporosis, hips, spine, and wrists.

Images of the poses so you can find them in your body.

Videos with valuable information on spine health.

Self-assessment video to monitor your progress over the years.

Worksheet and tracker to monitor your progress.

BONUS - Podcast interview with Loren Fishman MD on the value of yoga for slowing down, stopping, and even reversing osteoporosis.

Take control of your body and bones today! You have the control over the strength, density and quality of your bones and you will learn how to take control with this course.
Success Stories

I would really recommend Debi’s program. It has helped me a lot. I am happy and feel grateful. Thank you Debi!

Susan H.
I find that I have been passing along everything I have learned from you. There are no overnight fixes but you being my guide has been priceless!
Patty C.
The Course Includes:

2 Videos and a Downloadable Worksheet

Strong bones, balance, alignment, strength, and posture are imperative for fall and fracture prevention as we age. Even more so if you have a diagnosis of osteopenia or osteoporosis. A monthly self-assessment will help you notice the improvements in your strength, flexibility, balance, and joint range of motion. 

2 Videos and a Downloadable Handout

The more you know about your spine will give you the awareness on how to stand, sit and more throughout your day to avoid spinal wedge fractures which account for 50% of the total fractures from osteoporosis.

This module also includes the full 12 Poses vs Osteoporosis Practice.

Downloadable Study and Podcast Interview with Dr Fishman

Bonus Material
Osteoporosis and osteopenia affect up to 200 000 000 people worldwide today, with numbers likely to grow with our aging population. Many people are without access to medications or professional help after the fractures that are more likely without them. A low-cost, low-risk alternative is desirable. We include Dr Fishman's Study on the 12 Poses vs Osteoporosis and an interview Debi did with Dr Fishman on her Stronger Bones Lifestyle Podcast.

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