Introducing the Healthy Gut Healthy Bones Program
Ready to Take Control of Your
Bone Health and Future?
Osteoporosis is not a “one-pill-fix-all” disease.

It’s infuriating that we’re told that it’s an inevitable part of aging.

You see, the truth is that bone loss is reversible once you uncover WHY your body is breaking down bone faster than it’s building it.

And it all starts in your gut!

Imagine living without fear of fracture, feeling confident that you have control, and being stronger than you have in years…
Introducing the Healthy Gut Healthy Bones Program
I developed this signature program out of years of working with women to uncover the root causes of bone loss and teach them how to strengthen their body, bones, and balance through a “stronger bones lifestyle”.

And after running thousands of functional labs, I’ve discovered that…

Your gut holds the key to building stronger bones.

(There’s over 46,000 peer-reviewed scientific articles exploring the gut/bone connection!)

In just 90 days, you’ll discover how to turn the ship around by uncovering the 7 main root causes of bone loss, and how you can fix them.

Module 1 - Your Gut Healing
Journey Begins

  • Discover how the gut-bone connection affects you
  • Start with a comprehensive evaluation of your lifestyle and your diet
  • Address your digestive health, nutritional and mineral deficiencies and set you up with a nutrition plan to support strong, good quality bones

Module 2 - Supplements and Enhancements

  • Look at your current supplement routine and see if it’s right for you 
  • Start healing leaky gut which leads to leaky bones 
  •  Fortify your gut with natural remedies

Module 3 - Removing, Repairing, and Healing
  • Identify the factors that create imbalance inside your body leading to bone dissolving
  • Conquer gut dysbiosis 
  •  Replenish your gut garden for better digestion, more energy, and stronger bones

Module 4 - Rebalancing and Supporting Your Body to Detox
  • Determine your body’s toxicity load 
  • Look at the crucial ways you can support your body’s natural ability to detox 
  •  Begin to eliminate the toxins that contribute to your bone loss

Module 5 - Stronger Body, Bones, and Balance
  • Discover what type of movement necessary to create bone stimulation 
  • Master the skills to become bendable and not breakable for fall prevention 
  • Create “dancing ankles” for fall and fracture prevention
Module 6 - Stress Management and Stronger Bones For Life
  • See how the stressors in your life impact bone loss (and what you can do about it!) 
  • Learn how to make stress your friend to support your bone health 
  • Set up goals to manage your stress so your body can build stronger bones
Success Stories

I would really recommend Debi’s program. It has helped me a lot. I am happy and feel grateful. Thank you Debi!

Susan H.
I find that I have been passing along everything I have learned from you. There are no overnight fixes but you being my guide has been priceless!
Patty C.
Your knowledge is unbelievable. The dietary aspect of your programs is just amazing. You are very encouraging unlike some of the doctors who scare the hell out of you.
Linda N.
Invest in Your Future:

Normally, I charge $2,497 for this program.

Which is already incredibly affordable because of the life changing information that’s inside.

I know you can’t put a price on bone health.

But you cannot afford to postpone taking care of your bones forever.

I’m on a mission to reach as many women as possible to help transform their bones…

Which is why that’s not the price you’ll be paying today…

I want to give you the opportunity to join the Healthy Gut Healthy Bones program at a discount of over $2,100! (That’s almost 85% off!)

Join the Healthy Gut Healthy Bones program for only $497.

That means you’ll be paying less than a coffee a day to get stronger and healthier bones in as little as 90 days.

Imagine for a second what it would be like to live without the fear of fracture…

The thought of losing your independence…

The worry that you’ll be a burden on your family…

And finally get the answers of how to take care of your bones so you’re in charge.

Get out of bed with newfound strength, wow doctors that you’re able to turn the ship around on your bone loss, and feel like yourself again.

Seize your moment of freedom — dance, play, hike, travel, and live an active life to the fullest

Investing In Your Health
This course is delivered LIVE over 90 days, with two group sessions each month.

You begin your journey with 3 proprietary self-assessments that give you direction in finding the root causes of your bone loss.

You’ll learn the exact methods I used on myself, and thousands of women, to build strength in their body from the inside out.

Being in a group of women just like you can be the catalyst of change as we all work on becoming the strongest and healthiest versions of ourselves.

With this program, you’ll get the accountability, community, and resources you need to make real change.

The group session dates are:

Tuesday, March 19th @ 4 pm PT
Tuesday, April 2nd @ 4 pm PT
Tuesday, April 23rd @ 4 pm PT
Tuesday, May 14th @ 4 pm PT
Tuesday, May 28th @ 4 pm PT
Tuesday, June 11th @ 4 pm PT

* All sessions are recorded, so if you can't make a session or would like to review the material from the session, it will be available, on-demand, for you to watch.

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